Transaction Groups vs Tag Historian

Hi everyone,

Good day. May I know what are the differences between Transaction Groups vs Tag Historian? I am learning Ignition and I am confused by these two functions. Thank you.

The SQLTags Historian uses a set database schema for logging tag information and also provides tools to query that data.

Transaction Groups can log a variety of data from different sources in simple database tables. You must write SQL queries to retrieve the data. With transaction groups you can specify how data is stored in the database. For example you can specify if data should be updated or inserted and specify the database table schemas.

Generally it is easier to use the SQLTags Historian to log tag data because configuration and optimizations are done for you. If you need to log time series data so that it can be displayed in a chart then I recommend the SQLTags Historian.

If you have custom data storage or logging requirements then I would recommend using Transaction Groups or Python scripting.