Transaction historical group insert with condition


Is there a way to specify a condition before inserting from OPC to DB using Transaction historical group? Right now it’s either every x seconds or by the trigger. I would like to insert the OPC tag values into DB every 60 seconds only if one of the OPC tag value (weight) is bigger than 0.

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You should use the OPC tag value as the trigger with it being active when > 0, and with a timer of 60 seconds. That should give you what you want, the trigger will be evaluated every 60 seconds, if true it will execute.

Understanding Transaction Groups - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation (

Thank you. I do need two conditions to be checked (and condition) and it seems that only one trigger on item can be used?

Create an expression tag in the Run Always Expression Items. Here you can put all the logic, via expression language, that you need and use that for your trigger.

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