I am using microsoft sql schema for my table like SJPLC.TABLE1 instead of dbo.TABLE1.
The transaction doesn’t manage this schema what can i do.

I cannot change my schema since is it part of a mega replication scheme.



I know you just called into support, but wanted to post in case anyone else comes across this.

The solution is simply to put the fully qualified name in the table field. In this case, “SJPLC.TABLE1”. The problem is, there’s a slight bug (err, nuance?) to how that field gets applied- if you don’t hit “enter”, or transfer to a different field before hitting save, the value doesn’t get applied. In other words, if you change the value and immediately save the project, the value will revert. When adding a schema qualifier in, this can give you the impression that Ignition already knows about the schema and doesn’t want it. In reality, it always just uses whatever you type in there. We should fix this sometime soon.



I would like to add that as soon you set the Table name field = to Schemas.Tablename you cannot browse the table column anymore.  <img src="//" width="20" height="20" alt=":scratch:" title=":scratch:"/>