Transactions execute but no data appears

I’m having a very strange issue with MySQL and some Ignition transactions. I have 8 transactions I trigger at the same time to send part data for 8 parts into the same table. When they are triggered, all of the transactions execute, execution count goes up, but no data appears in my database table. There is nothing in the transaction event log, no indication that anything failed, and the table’s autoincrement value is even 8 higher than it was before. If I trigger the 8 transactions one at a time in sequence, then my data shows up.

I’ve attached a snippet of the query log around the time transactions were executing. “INSERT INTO csccolumns” are the queries from the transactions in question. Any ideas what could be causing this?

If you look at the store and forward status, do you see data marked as quarantined? In particular, if you go to Configure>Databases>Store and Foward>Quarantine Control, do you see data that was supposed to go to that table?

The transaction groups do something a little strange with store and forward, which is that it groups similar data together into transactions automatically (while it is collected in the memory store stage). If something causes that transaction to fail, everything could be rolled back.

Here’s a quick test to see if this is the problem: On the “options” tab of the groups, select “bypass store and forward”. If that helps we can go from there…


Looks like I have some timestamps that should be NULL being passed as blank strings instead, causing MySQL to reject that insert query. Disabling store and forward did let certain rows through and popped up errors on the others. Thanks for the help.