Transalate confirm message when a user is deleted?

Ignition 8.1.1 - Vision
Is it possible to transalate the following confirm message when a user is deleted ?
"Are you sur you want to delete the selected"

Should be translatable. The string to translate is

Are you sure you want to delete the selected %s?

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Thanks a lot @KathyApplebaum.
By the way, is the translation for Perspective coming up ?

I’m not up to date on the Perspective translation system. Perhaps @ynejati or @jball knows.

What’s missing from perspective translation? I believe the Alarm status table and journal don’t translate (yet), but most other elements should automatically translate, or you’ve got access to system.util.translate()/translate() to do manual translation.

Yes a way to change or translate alarms column names for status table and journal will ne very usefull

Yes, what Paul said. It was put on hold, but we will pick it up again. Thanks.