Transfer of data from Ingnition to SAP

I am trying to transfer data from our database to SAP. I was wondering if anyone has attempted this and whats the best way for this transfer? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Have transferred data from Ellipse (SAP competitor), was relatively straight forward. I imagine SAP is pretty similar (i.e. antiquated :unamused: )

To put information back in, our ERP Admin team did not want any kind of active database connection so we had to use Ignition to generate a text file which would in turn be opened by a script developed by them (Addons Inc, ADT435)

They said it was because there was a bunch of tables affected and they had to ensure relational integrity.

This script was run nightly and is used to transfer runtime hours and fuel usage back into Ellipse.

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Thanks for the input. Thats the way I was leaning. We currently import our data into ignition from a text file generated by SAP. So I figured they could do the same.

You might want to ask them for a read only connection to the tables you need in SAP. Thats what I was able to arrange with Ellipse and this has been handy for say finding what work orders exist for a particular work group or piece of equipment. Very useful and very slick to be able to build this functionality into a template

I imagine with the Ignition Server handling the connection to the SAP database you won’t have the same problems with overloading the SAP server such as the case when you have hundreds of users doing pivot tables against the database using MS Access, consuming individual connections.

I believe this happened to Rio Tinto at one point and from what I have been told that led to a blanket policy that no one was allowed to access the ERP server(s) directly. (Our company was once part of Rio Tinto up till about 4 years ago)

To get around this and provide the same functionality our admin team created a transactions database containing a regularly updated copy of the work orders & purchase requisition history (i.e. just a query off the main SAP server). This allowed project managers and accounting to do their reporting and pivot tables without bringing the whole ERP system to its knees.

This would be a second method of getting native database access to the information you need without having to deal with csv files for importing the information.

That sounds good. It would be nice to remove that extra step.

What interface is the SAP admin providing for you to intergrate with? Examples Flatfile, PI, MII etc…What workflows are you looking to provide to what SAP Modules?

We are wanting to transfer incoming materials as they are recieved into inventory. When these materials are added to the formulations they will then be removed from inventory. When the boxes come off the lines we are wanting to enter those into the Finished Goods inventory.

Not sure about modules or the interface they are wanting me to tell them the best way. But I’m open for any suggestions and help provided. Talking with Design guys they said the best way they have seen is thru a Web Service in SAP.

It is finally here! We have a native connector for SAP to send and receive data between SAP and Ignition. The interface for SAP ERP module in parallel with Business Connector Module, ships with templates to get you started talking to SAP.

As always, the module is free to test and the documentation is provided to the public.

Download it:
Technical Documentation:

We would also love to schedule a demo to show you how it works.

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Can we send data from SAP to ignition without using Sepasoft.
Can we fetch SAP data using Python scripting in Ignition tool.

please suggest

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