Transferring project to another PC & Update

Good morning,
New member here, and getting more familiar with Ignition. I would like to ask the group for opinions on process or advice.

Client needs to update Windows OS on a new machine and also update Ignition on this new machine.

My plan was to download newest version of Ignition from the web on new machine and import gateway & project backup from the old machine; and then transfer license after confirming proper operation in trial mode.

Does this sound like a reasonable plan? Or do I have to perform the update on the original machine before making a backup of the gateway and project?


Yes, there’s no reason to upgrade in place on the old machine before backing up; upgrade will happen on restore to new machine. Beware of anything you have running on the gateway that might be an issue with two copies running.

Thank you for the heads up!

If you mean restoring two independent things there, you only need to restore the gateway backup as it contains the projects as well

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As an update; this project went as planned from my original post. Thanks

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