Transform display text of a label based on an Indirect Tag value in Vision version 8+ versions

In Ignition version 8.1+, I am unable to do simple transform of a text to be displayed on a label depending upon value of an indirect tag say from 0,1,2 to OFF, ON, TRIP ! In lower versions of Ignition, it was very easy to change the display properties thru the style customizer menu by right clicking on the display component! Where to find the documentation for doing this thru scripts etc!

The style customiser functionality hasn't changed, you should be able to do this as you always have. Although, I would recommend using expression tags to do this for common tags like status and mode to convert integer values into corresponding string values, if this is what you're doing

Thanks, I was able to do this by adding a custom property and changing the text based on the value of bound to this custom the property.