Transform tag values before saving to Historian

Given a Temperature Tag that is with Integer value, that is, if it is 25.00(float) degree, the reading will be 2500(int)

At this moment, Historian will just save whatever the raw reading is. Is there way to transform the value(2500/100 = 25.00) before saving into database? It is quite different from Tag Binding which I could have multiple ways to transform the values for display purpose.

Use the scaling feature:
Tag Scaling Properties - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation (

It looks like values will be truncated, for example, 2312 will be truncated to 23 instead of 23.12
Is it an expected behvaiour?

Raw Low : 0.0
Raw High : 10000.0 (MAX 100 degree x 100)
Scaled Low : 0.0
Scaled High : 100.0

Did you keep the Value => Data Type equal to float?

Yes I did. I am using 8.1.10.
I have attached a screenshot showing the settings and the result. The decimal places are truncated.

Not sure what’s going on. Looks right to me.