Transition view

Hi guys, i'm a new user of ignition.

Someone could you please, teach me how can i switch between two views using multible button ?

This needs some more details. As you'll soon learn, ignition is vast and there are many things that look alike and many ways to do each of them, so being accurate is important when asking questions.

Do you mean that you have a main view, in which there's an embedded view, and you want to change this embedded view ?
Or do you want to navigate to an entirely different view ?

I'll try to explain it better. I'm doing a supervisor for the control of an electrical substation. The screen Cargas_AT show the data of the high-voltage network, such as current, temperature, and voltage. As for the Cargas_BT screen, I need to access it by clicking on the buttons Load 1, Load 2 and etc. When I click on Load 1, I will show the data for Load 1 and so on for the other loads. I'm using the translator, I hope you understand.


The part that needs more details is this one:

Where do you want to show it ?
In a new page ? In a popup ? Embedded in the same view ?

in a new page

I suggest a different but very simple and effective solution.

  1. Create a Tab Container view.
  2. Create a tab for Load 1 ,,,
  3. ... and Load 2 ...
  4. ... and Load 3.
  5. Add an Embedded View component onto the first tab.
  6. Set the props.path to the "Load" view.
  7. I assume that the "Load" view has a parameter for the load number. Set this to suit.

Repeat this procedure for Load 2 and Load 3.

Now you have a clean layout, easy for the user, no code to write and you can use a parameter view. If you need to modify the Load view you only have to do it once.