Translate display path in alarm status table

Is it possible to access session.props.locale in a UDT? I’d like to make the display paths in an alarm status table dynamic and translatable.

Currently using Ignition Edge 8.1.5.

Welcome @sm1,

Unfortunately it’s not possible. Tags are Gateway scoped, whereas session props are session scoped.

Could you elaborate a bit more on what you are trying to do here? :slight_smile: It sounds like you may want to look more down the root of the filter property on the alarm status table. You could dynamically set this to display the alarms you require.

I want to translate the display path for my alarms from English to Russian.

Let’s say I want to translate “turbine”, “Number” and “located at” to Russian.

The translation in Ignition interprets the whole display path as one term. A workaround is to type translate("Turbine", "ru"), but I need a way to make the languageString argument in translate() dynamic, and unique for each session/client. I want something like translate("Some String", system.util.getLocale()).

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Apologies, I understand what you are trying to do now. You do not want to edit the display path at the tag level, as these are Gateway scoped and will update the path for all sessions/clients.

I see you have already looked at Localization in Perspective. I haven’t played with this too much so I don’t know a way around this unfortunately.