Translate in Expression Tag not working 7.8.2, 7.9.0

This issue has been discussed before but it has yet to be resolved by Inductive Automation.

See here: translate in expression tag.

I can say for sure that this is a problem on v7.8.2 (b2016030813), and v7.9.0 (b2016101208).

On the Translation Manager I’ve added the Key “Hello” with English (Alternate) se to “Hi”, and Spanish (Mexico) set to “Hola”.

I’ve created an Expression Tag with the following properties:
Name: Greeting
Data Type: String
Enabled: Yes
Access Rights: Read/Write
Scan Class: Default

For the Expression I’ve tried all of the following, an all have failed miserably:

toString(translate(‘Hello’), ‘failover’)
runScript(‘system.util.translate’, 0, ‘Hello’)

See attachments.

This doesn’t work in a tag because system.util.translate() and the translate() expression function only exists in the client scope and your expression tag is, presumably, gateway scoped.

The entire translation system only exists in client and designer.