Translate inactivity popup

Is it possible to translate, the following popup triggered by

Another one of those non-obvious translations. We’re still trying to figure out a good way to let you discover these on your own. :\

Here are the strings you need to translate:
<HTML><CENTER>This screen has been locked by<BR><font size=+1><b><u>%s</u></b>
Screen Locked

@KathyApplebaum Thanks !

As a side note :
I’ve a weird behaviour when I edit term in the translation manager (7.9.5)

If I use a translations terms filter the Save action has no effect.
If I edit without the translation term filter it’s ok, but when I came back with the filter the translation term inputed is empty :frowning:

Yikes! I’ll make a ticket to get that fixed. Thanks for letting us know.

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Cool, what is the text to translate for the “Login” button on the start up screen.

Yikes, another bug. I’ve found a fix, and I can get that into 7.9.7.

The issue with searching a translation term is actually related to another issue with the translation manager - in certain circumstances (ie, after sorting) it would edit the wrong row, which is what I found when I tried to reproduce the editing issue. The fix for that is going to be in 7.9.7, and I can confirm that it fixes the issue you ran into.

Thanks @PGriffith for this clarification

I’m on v7.9.3, and in my case I just added the “Login” key term on the Translation Manager, and set “Show Locale Selector” to “Show” on the Project Properties. I also added translations for “Username”, “Password”, and “Language”.

The locale selector works its magic without my intervention. See below.

Translation Manager:

Project Properties:

Login screen: