Translation is not working on table, chart etc. in Perspective

Hello all,

I am trying to want translate my all texts on perspective projects. I am using that way just copy one text from perspective project and translate it. But it doesn’t work on the chart or table without translate() expression.

The texts that can’t change is highlighted.

Is there any way to translate them?

Thanks in advance!

Table headers can be set here

The pie chart can not be translated unless you change the names in the data

But Victor the header.title property doesn’t work with translate functionality too I dont want to use translate() expression function for very single text in my project.
I want like label component the translation done by ignition core automatically.

ignitions core would use the same function so speed wise it wouldnt be much of a difference.
It means setting up a bunch of expressions tho.

Tables and charts can be used for many things, translating something from it automatically could be harmful for some uses.

Alrigh. Thank you!