Translation Manager for String Tag Values

I have certain objects in my screen that receive their text property from a tag value. Now I would like to be able to use the translation manager to have that text translatable for multiple languages. As far as I can tell the translation manager does not apply to tag values passed into an object.

system.util.translate and/or the translate expression depending on the context?


That helps me achieve what I want, I wish I didn’t have to specifically do that though. Thanks for the help


system.util.translate('SELECTION USINE', "en")

i tired to convert from french to english… but its not converting

any mistake i made here?

Did you add the translation in the translation manager? If you haven’t the function will just return the original string.

I Added but its returning tha French word only

Are all your translatable keys in French? This might be a case where IA’s English baseline is tripping you up. Consider using keys in English and translate to French.

Sorry I didn’t understand clearly… Can you say what i have to change

I suspect that Ignition’s translation system might have buggy assumptions about always translating from English to something else. Not from something else to English.

Ok i will check it