Translation manager import quirk

Perspective 8.1.11

I exported my translation terms to ‘my_terms_es_US.PROPERTIES’

I made a copy to ‘es_US.PROPERTIES’ – note I removed the prefix!

I made some hand edits, then tried to re-import it. It would only import it as 'English (Alt)".

I added a dummy prefix back to the file name and the import correctly recognized it as ‘es_US’.

So, at least for the ‘PROPERTY’ version when importing, it appears a prefix is required.


Try using .es_US as a suffix, not a prefix.

But then you technically have a prefix of ‘.’ :slight_smile:

Like I said, it’s a quirk… it appears you have to have something before the language designation in the file name on import, or it doesn’t detect the language correctly…

I just looked closer at my driver module localization files. They are all triplets of the form:

(Triplets because I only ship english with my drivers.) So, you need some variation on something, optionally followed by an underscore-delimited language/locale, followed by the file extension .properties.

So yes, your observation that you need something is correct.