I’m beginning to work with the new translation feature and I have a couple of questions and comments.

1 Is the key matching done with the longest key first ? For example, if I have a key “Name” and a key “First Name”, can I assume the text “First Name” will always be matched with the key “First Name” or may it happen it is partly matched with the key “Name” ?
2 Will the french translation cover all components ? Actually, the Calendar component is translated but not the “Alarm Status Table” one.

1 The key matching logic should be described with more details in the user manual.
2 The translation occurs after binding evaluations. This should be mentioned in the user manual.
3 There is no translation within tables components. This should be mentioned in the user manual.


Key matching is exact match.

Our goal with the components was to provide translations for everything you don’t have control over. If the text you see on screen comes from a dataset or a database (or things like schedule names), we don’t translate it – instead, we leave it up to you to do through scripting. We also made the decision that if you can set the date and/or number format through properties, that we would not automatically apply a local format, but let you handle it through scripting.

If you right-click on an Alarm Status Table in the Designer and select Translations, you will see that you can translate almost every single term in the table. (I counted 100 translatable items in the table.) The time format is a property, so that would need to be handled in scripting. The Display Path is currently not translatable – we’ve had at least one request for that to be added.

I’ve made a ticket with your suggestions for the User Manual. Thank you – those are very helpful.