Translations on popup elements not working

I have some popups displaying some text; I have inserted these texts in the translation manager, but none is translated by the system when language is changed.
Any guess?

Because of the way we need to build some of the text you see, the translation string you need may not be what you expect. If you can give me more details I can see if that’s the case here.

This is the popup:


The text I would like to translate is the highlighted one. It is the key value I have in the translation manager and it has the ‘@’ at the beginning in order to discriminate it from its italian version (I have also tried with no special character, but the problem persists).
When selecting diffrent languages between the ones designed, the text is not updated.

Oh, so this is text you supplied to the popup window, rather than a popup generated by us?

In that case, wrap your text in system.util.translate() and it will use your translation. We don’t automatically translate text you provide because we don’t know if that’s your intention.

Ok, so I need to run a script to do what you suggest, right? (The text is written in the text property of the Text Field component in the desinger, not passed in by a script).
In any case, I don’t understand the different behaviour between a text in a popup and another in a ‘normal’ main page, which is always translated by the manager, without using the script function.

Thank you for your help!

Okay, I see what’s going on now, and I don’t understand why the behavior is different, either, especially since it’s only happening to me sometimes. :flushed: I’ll make a ticket to get this fixed.

In the mean time, since it looks like this is a label that’s bound to your text field, a work around would be to change this to an expression. So if your binding is {Root Container.Text Field.text}, change it to an expression of translate({Root Container.Text Field.text}).

I used your workaround, through another text field, in order to use the binding expression you have shown, as the original TextField label was just a text with no binding property.
Anyway, I’ve got it working now, so thank you for your help!

I’d like to report another translation issue I had.
I use some borders texts in my application and of course I have put this texts in the translation manager. When changing the language in the client, these texts are not always translated properly. I have got this working through the script function system.util.translate(text), but maybe it is useful for you to investigate this problem too! :wink:

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I thought we had all the issues with titled borders tracked down and fixed a while back. If you can give me an export of a window with a component where this isn’t working it would really be helpful, otherwise I’ll have some see if they can replicate it when they get time.