Translator for Sybase Anywhere 12

Hi All,

I just made a connection between Ignition and a Sybase database. I chose “Generic” for default translator, connexion is OK but some request creates errors. I think I need to create a new database translator but I can’t find information to create correctly this translator.
Someone can help me ? I use SQL Anywhere 12 and Ignition 7.5.5


Which requests are creating the errors? Are you trying to use transaction groups or the historian? Usually it is best to stay away from features that will automatically create the tables since that relies on the translator.

Finally I created a translator from the Generic translator, i made some modification and for the moment it works good !
But i have an another problem with alert storage, the request send to create the ALERT_LOG table is :

create table ALERT_LOG( ALERT_LOG_ID integer not null default autoincrement, SYSTEM varchar(255) not null, PATH varchar(255) not null, DISPLAYPATH varchar(255) not null, STATE_NAME varchar(255) not null, STATE_SEVERITY integer not null, ACTIVE_VALUE double not null, ACTIVE_TIMESTAMP datetime not null, CLEARED_VALUE double not null, CLEARED_TIMESTAMP datetime not null, ACK_TIMESTAMP datetime not null, ACK_USER varchar(255) not null, primary key(ALERT_LOG_ID), )
All fields can’t be null or when alert are stored some fields are null.

In order to use our alert history some of the columns must be NULL. You can need to recreate the table allowing NULLs.

Yes, it’s not a problem to change the table in the database, I dit it and it works. However, I thought Ignition created this table correctly.

Well it does create the table but it uses the translator to do so. You must be specifying NOT NULL in the your translator.

Thank you for your help Travis but I can’t find where I can specify “NOT NULL” in the translator. And how the specification of “NOT NULL” can change the way of Ignition to create the table without the property “NOT NULL” in each fields ?

I am not sure how the NOT NULL go there then. Once you fix the table it should be good forever.

Is there any way to get help on creating this Translator? I created a forum post 4 weeks ago and it has no responses so I put in a ticket request 3 weeks ago and it has yet to be assigned to anyone. How does one get help for these things?

I’ll ping someone in support and see what’s going on. Might have fallen through the cracks.