Transmitters with Multi-Tag Paths under MQTT Transmission module

Based on the documentation found here, currently the only way to enter different paths is a comma separated list of explicitly defined tag paths.

In a situation like mine, the tags to be published, using MQTT transmission module, can be situated in sub folders between other folders that have tags not to be published. Take the following tag tree and imagine how common it is when using UDTs and templates.


The only way that I currently believe this can be done is to create a separate folder structure for the tags to be published and create reference tags there only to the tags desired for publishing.

Another possible way is to type in the 'Tag Path' setting an explicit list of each subfolder with tags to be published. This may be possible but it will be very cumbersome to maintain this list every time another similar folder structure representing another machine is added. Also, these settings are not exposed for scripting.

My suggestion for creating a better way to do this is to allow the 'Tag Path' setting to accept Regex or Regular Expressions which can include wildcards in parts of the expression that would allow this functionality to happen. A Regex expression for the example in the above tag tree would be: ".+/Publish/.+".

This will only publish the tags in the 'Publish' folders and not the ones in the 'Do not Publish' folders.

Is there any technical issue that might prevent implementing such a practical solution? If not, is it possible to implement it?

Thanks :slight_smile: :hugs:

Perhaps you should post this on Cirrus Link's own forum.

Phil, many thanks for your prompt response. I was not aware that Cirrus Link has their own forum. I will look it up and post it there for sure. Hope it is as active as this one.