Transparent background bug

there’s an annoying bug in tranparent areas rendering.
i attached an example image of how should the rendering to be (left) and how it is drawn when clicked in both runtime mode and design mode (right): instead of drawing the component below, the renderer draws the window background :frowning:

i updated to 7.4 but i’m still with this bad bug… anything new?

This will be fixed for 7.4.2. Have you seen it on anything other than the date range component? This has to do with how Swing renders non-opaque components, and has to be done on a per-component basis.

yes i had! i can see the same on the radio buttons, checkboxes and labels components on which i set an alpha level different from 100%…

Oh I see what you did here. If you want to make a component see-through, you set the Opaque property to false.

The behavior you’re seeing happens if you have the Opaque property set to true, but a transparent background color. Un-check Opaque and you should be all set.

good. maybe this should be written somewhere in the official documentation.
thank you!