Transpose List of Objects

Hello. I am new to Ignition and I have a question; how do I transpose the columns/rows of a table. I have a list objects that I am trying to display in the table.

How is the data populating now? Likely a script transform would be the best option.

EDIT: Also, will the ‘header’ names also appear in a column, with values in a second column?

Right now the value name is displayed in the Header and the value is displayed in the Row. For example, AF_AcidTempA is in the header and the corresponding value is in the row. Yes, I would want the header names to appear in the 1st column and values in the 2nd column.

Let me be more clear. How is the data getting into the table?

I have the session custom property AcidFarm folder binded to the Table data object 0.

Bind it to instead of[0]. Then add a script transform (located under the binding settings):

	newList = []
	for key in sorted(value.keys()):
		obj = {'name':{'value':key}, 'setting':{'value':value[key]}}
	return newList

Works great! Thank you so much!

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