Trasaction Group writing success when Stored Procedure Fails

Currently on 8.0.2.

I have several stored procedure transactions, that even though the transaction fails, and the events log shows that it returned an error, the transaction writes the the ‘handshake on success’ tag and not the failure tag. I am fairly certain that this didn’t function this way in 7.9, but its been a while since I’ve used this feature.

Is this expected behavior?

Is the group set to ‘Bypass Store and Forward’? This is a common problem with the handshake tags - the transaction group considers it a “successful” write as soon as it passes it to the store and forward system, because S+F has to happen completely asynchronously from the actual group execution. To guarantee the handshakes being accurate, you need to bypass store and forward in the advanced options for the group.

Ah, that is the difference between the two projects.

I think I may make some modifications to my stored procedures for the final project to return the value then instead of the ignition handshake, but I can at least get the correct response in the meanwhile.


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