Traslation Tag Browse Tree

Hi guys

I’m a integrator of glass furnace plants. In this plants we have a lot of measure, valves and motors. I set up factories around the world. It’s nice to “ignition” doing graphics with drag and drop.

But I have a problem with Tag Browse Tree.
For the operator it is difficult to find the tag you need when you have 800 tags and the P&D. Search “TT1001LT” is more difficult to find “Temp. Line 1 Zone 1 Left Top”.

I thought a solution, but I can not do. In my udt’s I have a QueryTag connect to a table in my database, the result is the description of the tag. For example Name udt: Measure1, QueryTag:Temp. Line 1 Zone 1 Left Top. Could it be that in the tree browser to view the tag tagexpression and not the tag development?

I’m looking for a solution the same a file

Thank for you help and idee


Could you make a dataset or a hidden table of your tags through a script and use the Tree View Component?


I had thought that option. But I need the table is dynamic, and do not know how I can make a dynamic table with the Historical Tags.
You know?


I used the template “AdHoc Trend With Annotations” in “Tag Tree-> scripting,> Property change” I put this code.
In the UDT, I have a Query Tag that will project a table where I have all descriptions and tags of P & D. I select the tag in the code

if event.propertyName == "inData":
	newData = []
	headers = ["path", "text", "selectedText", "tagPath", "querymode"]
	for row in system.dataset.toPyDataSet(event.newValue):
		tagPath = row["tagpath"]
		queryMode = row["querymode"]
		parts = tagPath.split("/")
		tagName = parts[-1]
		#Start Search TagDescription 
		tagforDescription = parts[-2]
		strTagDescription = str("/".join(parts) +  "/TagDescription"))
		splitTagDescription = strTagDescription.split(",")
		TagDescription = splitTagDescription[-3]
		TagDescription = TagDescription.replace("[","")
		#End Search TagDescription 
		#Start Search TagPyD 
		strTagPyD = str("/".join(parts) + "/TagName"))
		splitTagPyD = strTagPyD.split(",")
		TagPyD = splitTagPyD[-3]
		TagPyD = TagPyD.replace("["," ")
		#End Search TagPyD 
		#Start Traslation
		for i in range(len(parts)):
			parts[i] = system.util.translate(parts[i])
		#End Traslation

		parts[-1] = TagPyD + "-" + TagDescription

		newData.append(["/".join(parts), tagName, tagName, tagPath, queryMode]) = system.dataset.toDataSet(headers, newData)