Tree background color not displaying

I have a tree component where the highest level items have a conditional background color based on a column. Here is the relevant part of the query -

        '' AS `path`,
        `listcustomers`.`name` AS `fullPath`,
            `listcustomers`.`name` AS `text`,
            `listcustomers`.`active` AS `active`,
            IF(`listcustomers`.`active`, 'tree/CustomerActive.png', 'tree/CustomerInactive.png') AS `icon`,
            IF(`listcustomers`.`active`, 'tree/CustomerActive.png', 'tree/CustomerInactive.png') AS `selectedIcon`,
            IF(`listcustomers`.`creditHold`=True,'color(255,80,80,255)','color(255,255,255,255)') AS `background`,
            '' AS `border`,
            '' AS `tootltip`,
            '' AS `selectedText`,
            '' AS `selectedTooltip`,
            '' AS `selectedBorder`,
            'color(0,0,0,255)' AS `foreground`,
            'color(250,214,138,255)' AS `selectedBackground`,
            'color(0,0,0,255)' AS `selectedForeground`,
            `listcustomers`.`idx` AS `customerId`,
            NULL AS `locationId`,
            NULL AS `areaId`,
            NULL AS `assetId`,
            NULL AS `projectId`,
            NULL AS `projectNum`,
            NULL AS `salesOrderId`,
            NULL AS `invoiceId`,
            NULL AS `purchaseOrderId`,
            NULL AS `priority`

and here in the designer, when I look at tree customizer, the condition does seem to come through correctly -

But as you can see in the tree itself, the background of AAK and Abox are not red, despite the tree customizer says it should be. What am I missing here? How can i fix this?

Oddly enough if I do

IF(listcustomers.creditHold=True,'color(255,80,80,255)','color(255,255,255,255)') AS foreground,

in my query, that DOES affect the foreground color.

Same problem here, foreground color is working, background color changes will not affect the color

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