Tree component; how to change the hover color?

When I hover over this component it’s hard to read the text. How do I change the color of the hover?

I tried creating a style that utilizes the hover element state but that renders the entire component. I’m just looking to change the hover color on the individual items. Please show me the light.

Pretty sure you ll need to override the styling in the theme css for this. It’ll be somewhere in the ‘palletes’ folder in the theme I believe, look for the tree component in there something like ia-treexxxx

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The manual has the following caution note:

Does this mean only the light.css, dark.css files are replaced or does it mean all the *.css in the sub folders as well?

Did you read the markdown-formatted README file? It explains it pretty definitively. (Those two subfolders will be reset.)

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Admittedly, I skimmed through the document. Makes sense now.

You’ll need to make a new theme which the readme guides you through. You can also just look at one of the other themes (not light as that’s the base theme) and basically copy those and strip most of their content out