Tree component styled differently in Designer vs Perspective Session

Hey all, quick question regarding why a component would look different in designer vs in perspective.

The tree component looks like this, with correctly inverted colors in designer:

And then in the perspective session all the non-selected icons are fully grey:


Would like to know if this is intended behavior or a bug if possible.

What browser are you using? The designer uses a Chromium engine wrapped in java (JxBrowser to be specific).

I've checked in Chrome & IE. Those are the only two browsers installed on the server I'm working on

Internet Explorer is not supported by Perspective.

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Okay good, all I saw was an ignition logo when I loaded it in IE lol

Can you run in Perspective Workstation?

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Looks like it renders correctly in the workstation as well, just an issue in the browser.

See also the browser version compatibility list:

Not sure that isn't out of date now. /:

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Running the most recent version of Chrome, Version 108.0.5359.100 (Official Build) (64-bit).

I'm doing a demo tomorrow, can use the workstation so everything shows up correctly, but once the server is in use the client will likely be accessing everything through their browser. Hopefully the discrepancy doesn't persist.

It might be a good idea to create a support ticket and get IA support involved.