Tree view component?

i am trying to use the tree view component for the first time and am a bit confused as to how it works?
i want to display (and select) the tables in a database. i am using the query “show tables” for the desired database and that works, i see the table names in the ITEMS dataset. However, in the tree they show up as item1, item2, ect. instead of the table names.
i’m sure this is simple but can’t seem to figure it out.
thanks for any help,

The tree view is a little picky. The column names returned from the SQL query must match exactly in order for the items to show up. You need at least these three column names:


You can’t use the SHOW TABLES query for the tree view. Instead use the following query:SELECT '' as path, table_name as text, table_name as selectedText FROM information_schema.tables WHERE table_schema = 'test'Just replace the ‘test’ with your schema name. Note the path is an empty string which means the root folder.

Thanks, I would have never got this without your help.
I am new to inductive (and SQL) is there documentation somewhere i shuold be looking at that shows details like this for the indiviual components? I have looked but been unsuccessful.

Yeah, we do talk about this in the user manual. Here is a link: … eeview.htm