Tree View Control Item Order

Is there a way to control the order items are displayed in the tree view component? I have unchecked the Auto Sort property, but it still is sorting alphabetically by the path.

Thank you,

I will put a ticket in for that. It is sorting the leaf nodes from the order in the dataset but not the folders.

I believe this is the same issue I am having. I have created a database table for the dataset and added columns to control the order I want the tree view to appear in, yet it is still sorting alphabetically, even though the dataset is sorted the way I would like it to display.

I have also unchecked the Auto Sort behavior.

Ignition Platform 7.5.2 (b1146)
Vision Module 6.5.2 (b662)
Java Version 1.6.0_35-b10



There is still a ticket in the system for this.