Tree View Dynamic Leaf Icons


The Ignition User Manual has a picture of a tree view component, where one of the icons is an exclamation mark - presumeably linked to a tag that is experiencing an issue.

I’m trying to figure out how to implement this scenario (for example, my tree view represents several sites, and I’d like the folders to be red, and the icons to represent the severity of the problem, so that the user can quickly navigate to the root cause of an issue).

Is something I’ll have to script up myself, or does Ignition provide a quick way of achieving this?


Hi Karen,

The Tree View component uses the data in the Items/data dataset property to build up the tree. This dataset has columns “icon” and “selectedIcon” to specifiy the icon used for each leaf node in the tree.

By default these column values are “default”. But you can change this to an image path to specify a different icon.

The Tree View component also has the properties “defaultLeafIconPath”, “defaultOpenIconPath” and “defaultClosedIconPath” for specifying the default icons for leafs and folders.

Home this helps some.