Tree View Folder without a Node object?

I am Running Ignition 7.5.5 (b1255)

I have a Tree View Object (See Attached “SampleTree.png”) that list s various kinds of meters within their organizational structure.

My issue is that if there is no object int the “Level 2b” location folder the “Level 2b” location folder disappears. So I have added a “Level 2b” location item as a place holder.

Is it possible to hide the level “Level2b” item so that the folder can still be displayed and selected? visibility? row height for that item?



There is no way to add a folder in the tree view without any children. I will have to add a request in for that.


Thanks for your quick response on this.

Being that there is no way to do what I need to do I figure the next best thing is to fake it.

I am loading my folder and child data into a table hidden behind the tree view. I have code associated with the “data” property change event on this hidden table. This code copies the data to a new dataset and removes any folder records with children and gives the remaining folder records a “folder” icon and then associates the new dataset with the tree view.

It’s not perfect but I think it will work in the meantime.

Thanks again.


That’s exactly what I/we need. Vision File Explorer

JakeRogers, I understand what you have done in your band-aid solution but where did you get the ‘folder’ icon from? Is there a way to access the Ignition default file/folder icons or did you have to upload your own?

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