Trend Ad Hoc - Store and Retrieve Tag Pens

I am looking to create user based Trend Ad Hoc in Vision.(trying in 8.0 but will eventually use in 7.8 and 7.9)

the simplest solution I came up with is, Let user select historical tags and have the database table with the same columns as Tag Pens of Easy Chart. . Once they hit save button, Get the data from tag pens and put it in that table. Also, let user choose the folder name and file name(text property of tree view).

Now, when they come back in and want to look at the chart, show them the Tree view with their folders and files. Selected file will then get the tag pens from database and load into Easy chart.

Is that sounds correct ? I haven/t really thought a lot about different Easy chart properties and how they would affect.

Suggestions are appreciated !!

There is an ad hoc trend already created in 7.9 on the exchange. You may want to look at it. It already allows users to save different pen configurations and for general pen configurations along with a number of other functions. It uses a database to store the different pen configurations. If it doesn’t have everything you want it may at least being a starting point for you to build off of.

@bpreston, Hmm, way cooler than what I can come up with in my little brain !