Trend Pens Control Scroll Bar Not Accessible! only in mouse scroll

In Designer I can Scroll Trend Pens Easily, While in Runtime only Mouse Scrolling which is very slow.

I hope there is a fixed with this one, or is there some settings to do?

I’ve tried everything I can and I can’t get that scroll bar to not be there in the client. What version of Ignition are you using? And are you sure someone’s not doing something hacky to your scrollbars in the client (ie, with a script somewhere?)

Im Using Ignition 7.9.6, What Version you are using PG?

I Only Have a Parent Windows Internal Frame Script for AlarmFilters & Navigation.
I Think that script wont affect on the trend object because they are not the same object.

7.9.8. How about client startup scripts?

I only have role checking on my Client Startup Script…have you tried doing the same thing on version 7.9.6? if you will see the same issue then i will switch to 7.9.8 version.

Working as expected in 7.9.6 as well. I’m honestly not sure what’s going on. You can get in contact with Support and they may be able to figure out what’s going on (it looks like in the last screenshot you’re on Windows, which was my last guess at what might be different).

Could it be a resolution issue and the scroll bar is actually behind the center container or off the side of the container it is in? Quick way to test would be to bring the tag container to the front, save and test.

Thanks for your idea PG,

I’ve found the cause of the issue it was the Scrollbar Widtth under the project settings.
I change the width to 10pixels now the scroll bar is working.

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