Trend templates

I have several questions on trends and historian, At the moment I am using the built-in historian for ignition which in this case is using easy chart. As I get in more into pulling data and pen selection options or maybe how data is being pulled. Is historian the best route to go?

Does Ignition have a template for trends? I have seen other users that have built trends using lots of option like pen selection changing options on pens form a running SCADA like the one below.

In Designer, go to the Tools menu and choose Cloud Template Browser.
Then go to trends and select the AdHoc Trending Tool.

thank you. It does most what i wanted to do and maybe even more. But the pen selection is not as clean as the screen shot I showed, meaning you can see path and name of pens would be tag names instead of the ones i give them.

Its a template that you are free to modify in any way you want.

Got it. In the tag tree, is there any way to only view certain tags not all folders. I added a new one but it shows all tags. in this case I only want one folder to appear.

You can set the root folder on the tree control.

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