Trending View in Perspective app cycles back and forth between showing tag data and saying nothing is selected

Trying to reach @mraybourn about a Perspective View he created. This issue described in the topic only happens if I use the view after importing it into an existing application. IA will only help me if Matthew says it is related to Ignition and not to the view itself. I really would like to use the view if possible. It looks great and should function exactly how we need it to once I figure this issue out. Matthew, please help!

Do you have more information on the issue? What version of Ignition are you using, what version of the resource you downloaded, any screenshots or video of the issue while it occurs?

I am using Edge 8.1.17. I downloaded the latest version of the application. 1.07 I think.
I don’t know how to record my desktop to capture a video. I would be happy to have a 5 minute call and share my screen if you want to. Just let me know.

ShareX if you are on windows is a great free capture tool.

The next thing you can try to narrow the issue to either the resource or Ignition/Perspective is to try creating a new view and add just the Power Chart itself. If you can select tags and they show up correctly there, then there is an issue with the resource. If they have the same behavior, then the issue is not with the view itself. That Ad Hoc resource adds features around the Power Chart, like saving and loading configurations. It doesn’t really control the tag history querying.

Yep. Did that earlier and it does the same thing.

In that case, there is something more generally wrong with your setup, and not the Exchange resource. If you work with our support team again to troubleshoot the Power Chart issue itself, then once that is resolved then it is very likely the Ad Hoc view would start working as well.

I think the problem may be with the emulator. Once my production system was back up (The site was down for repairs), I pushed the app to prod with EAM and ran it against production data and it works fine. It only seems to be an issue with the emulated data. Not sure why that would be an issue but that is what seems to be the issue from what I can tell.