Trends date problem between machines

Hello friends,

This time We have a problem with trends and the date used for displaying.

For example, this is our server (gateway machine):

As you can see, We were around 4 PM with UTC -4 and daylight saving time.

On the other side, We have three clients that show dates delayed. This is an example:

Same configuration, but our trends were displayed like this:

The trend save the time in a concatenated format and was something around 4 PM, but as you can see, the blue arrow (meaning NOW) was around 3 PM.

The project configuration is this:

So, do you have any idea why this is happening?

Do you have any good practice to avoid this? (I read something about use the UTC 0 in every machine, but I don’t know).

Finally, I’ts important to know that here in Chile, We applied the daylight saving last weekend.

Thanks in advance.