Trial mode detection

How can it be determined whether a gateway is running in the Trial (2 hour) mode?

What logic are you trying to drive off of the trial mode? Also, what scope are you trying to check the trial mode in?

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We do not use a license key during development and testing. However, this means that there is a bar at the bottom of the runtime screen that tracks how much time is available in the trial version and a scroll bar on the right side of the screen. To prevent the scroll bar, I make the total height of the runtime screen 20 pixels smaller. Because of this there is now space available for the bar and it prevents the visibility of the scroll bar. Now this action is done manually, but if this can be done automatically by detecting the trial mode, this would be nice.

If you have access to an always-on PC or VM, you could use a GUI automation toolkit like Sikuli to monitor the gateway portal for the trial banner and/or reset button. Have a script click it anytime it appears.

Thanks for the reply. However, it is not my intention to automatically extend the trial time but to prevent the scrollbar on the right side of the run-time screens from appearing.