Tridium Bacnet to Ignition OPC UA

We're currently trying to integrate a few Tridium JACE 8000s on a bacnet network into Ignition through OPC UA. We are having issues with writing to enumeration types through OPC tags, has anyone done this before? We get Write failed: Bad("Bad_TypeMismatch: The value supplied for the attribute is not of the same type as the attribute's value.") as an error when trying to write any data type to the enumeration.


To be clear - you are using the Ignition driver and OPC UA server?

What object and properties are you trying to write? What values are you supplying? How are you doing the write?

We are converting the tags from BACnet to OPCUA within the Jace 8000 and connecting its OPC UA server to Ignition.

I am trying to write to an Occupancy_Command tag within the OPC quick client using int value of 1, float value of 1.0, string value of 'occupied', all return the error above.

I think you'll have to get a Wireshark capture or something, I have no idea what type the server is expecting for these tags.

edit: it would also be useful to browse to one of these Nodes in something like UaExpert where we can see a full list of the Node's attributes and their values, which should include the DataType attribute.

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