Tried to unregister a listener that was not previously registered

Anyone see this message before? It spammed my log over and over and doesn’t give any helpful clues as to what’s causing it or what it’s actually doing (or not doing). Using Ignition version 7.9.4.

I think it’s supposed to be informational and there’s no real impact on the system, but if there’s any way we can avoid this message going forward by doing something different, I’m all ears.

skipping down a few log pages to when it started

Yes but I don’t understand what’s means

I know it’s a year+ since the OP, but I have been seeing this message also and ,like the OP event, “Created auto-backup of internal database config.idb” precedes each one.

I have no idea what it represents either or why it is considered a ‘warning’ and not ‘info’.


Another year later and I have the same errors showing up in my logs. version 7.9.17, anyone have any suggestions?