Trigger is not working

Hi guys,
I have a standard trans group and trying to use the trigger option. Currently, I’m facing the issue that my project keeps logging the data 5 secs interval, which is my execution scheduling not my trigger setting. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

You need to change some settings in the trigger tab. In this example a change in value of Unit1_Rounds_A will log all tags added to the group. Fair warning, i dont use the sql bridge module, so if someone has a more complete answer please correct me.

What do you mean by “not working” ? Duplicate rows five seconds apart?

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If you guys look at the trigger setting on the right, my trigger setting is on point. But if you look at the status, it’s displaying the interval between the last trigger and next execution is 5 secs, which is my execution scheduling. Also, you can see the mixing_tank_level is definitely changing. But it’s only triggering with execution scheduling.
I’m thinking about turning off the execution scheduling but no luck!

Please explain what you expect to be different. It looks like it is working as intended. (The execution schedule is how often it checks the trigger.)


Hi pturmel,
I expected it can trigger the data to be logged whenever the value changes. But It was working based on the action setting ( timer schedule) the whole time.
Fortunately, the trigger is working now!!! Just did some changes based on josborn’s comment.