Trigger Not working

I have created a group with trigger in Ignition 7.0.4. The same trigger works in FactorySQL.

Please find the trigger

  1. Select the “Store OPC quality code” option on the group to store the current aggregate quality of the items in the table. You can use this after the fact to only query data that is “good” - integer value 192. This will result in more logged data, but you’ll be able to see when the values when from good to bad and back. You can later delete non-good values.

  2. Create a trigger so that only good data is logged. This is probably the best option, if your group does not already have a trigger:
    i) Create a copy of one of your OPC items in the group.
    ii) Edit that copy, and change the “Property” from “Value” to “Quality”. The data type should be Integer.
    iii) Set the item to “read only”. It is only useful as the trigger, so it doesn’t need to be stored in the database. You may also change the name of the item to something more identifiable, like “trigger”.
    iv) On the Trigger tab of the group, select “execute group on trigger”. Select your trigger item. Select the 3rd trigger condition and set: “is active = 192, non-active != 192”.

Is the item you’re triggering on an OPC item in the group, or is it a SQLTag reference? We’ve found an issue using sqltag references in groups that has been fixed in 7.0.6.

If it’s an OPC item, do you get the correct quality shown in the designer? Our tests for that case are currently working, so there must be some small difference.


It is an OPC item, we get the correct quality in the designer.

It is working for trigger condition Is=0 and Is>0.

It doesnot work for trigger condition and set: “is active = 192, non-active != 192”.

Please try the latest version 7.0.6. We’ve fixed a variety of small issues with the trigger.


In Ignition 7.0.6, there are lot of bugs which we noticed. We don’t get values when we drag and drop OPC item to SQL browser. We get error tag. Due to this reason we are not able to create groups and trigger.