Trigger - On Value Change time sample


I was playing with the Trigger On Value option and it seems to take into account the execution scheduling time.

In the documentation it doesn’t say it works this way. Trigger - On Value Change - Ignition User Manual 7.8 - Ignition Documentation

So, I was wondering if the group is being checked every X time and afterwards checking if any value has changed to log all of them. It looks like an AND condition to me.

Have anyone work with this option? My goal is to trigger when any value have changed. After these tests I started thinking if I am missing some boolean changes.

Thank you.

You are correct that the execution timer is taken into account. The execution cycle is described here:
EDIT: Sorry, meant to answer the remaining question. From a purely Ignition side, you can either have a faster execution timer, or use a gateway tag change script, and script your logging.

Thank you! That explains it.