Trigger Tag Troubles

I am having an issue with the trigger on my Transaction Group. I am currently working with a machine, that is programed to change the value of its "UpdateTag" ever time a button is clicked, so it can be used to tell Ignition when a cycle has been performed (From 0 to 1 to 0 to 1, etc.). The problem is, if that "UpdateTag" value is on a 1, and we change the machines recipe, the "UpdateTag" flips to a 0 and it triggers the transaction group. The "UpdateTag" also seems like it can't be written to. I have tried most of the settings underneath the "trigger" tab in transaction groups and none of them change the tag value.

My initial thoughts were to create a tag that would increment ever time the "UpdateTag" tag incremented, but have an if statement, saying if the "JobNumberString" (String to change recipe) changes, than to not increment the new tag. I am just unsure how I would write that.

Does anyone know of a way to help me? Or a different approach I could look into?

I don't see how you can fix this without changing the PLC. You simply cannot trust 1=>0 transitions with the current PLC behavior.