Trigger the display all tooltips text of a view?

I would like to display all tooltips texts used on a view (and nested views of it) ?
Is it possible ?

Is there a way to trigger the display of a tooltips ?

If is were possible, we could use this feature to display equipement label or tag with no need to add lots of labels components.

Each component has a requestTooltip and removeTooltip scripting method. I don’t know what happens if you try to programmatically show multiple tooltips at the same time, though.

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I haven’t tested this, but considered doing something like it before deciding to use another method for other devices and tooltips that show on tap for sensor descriptions.

To show all at once, I think a send message with a message handler on all components to call their requestTooltip would do the job. I can definitely get multiple tips to show at once by tapping one sensor after another (which is calling requestTooltip in our case).

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