Triggered pop up window frolm tag alarm active script?

Hello i have a use case where if the alarm is active, i want take the name of a tag and open up a popup window and pass the name of the tag. The image shows what im doing. Unfortunately it does not work. any idea why?

Because tags aren’t connected to any client UI except through binding. Tag events and alarm events are intended for unattended automated processes, not for UI interaction. The only thing you can really do for UI interaction is to broadcast a message to your UIs (via system.util.sendMessage).

i see. so in this situation what would you recommend? send a message and then handle the message through the client script? can i write a script here that opens up the popup window?

Or is there any easier way? Basically i want to open up a window based on a tag value and pass some parameters

Yes, client tag change events can do this. Though the list of tags to monitor is fixed at design-time. Consider using tag bindings, especially indirect tag bindings, to monitor tag changes in specific windows or in templates. Then a propertyChange script can react (or other bindings can be evaluated).