Trouble displaying historical table data

Hi everyone. First off, I’m relatively new to Ignition. I’m having trouble displaying table data the way I’d like to. Ignition is running on a Win7 x64 system. I have updated from 7.7.1 to 7.7.2 in the process of troubleshooting my problem.

My intent is to display run data for a stacker system. Each run should have one line/entry on the table which is triggered when an operator chooses to end a run by clicking a button on an ignition based HMI bound to a PLC-5 tag.

So I created a one-shot driven historical scan class which you can see here:

Now. The tags I want to store have been set up with a regular scan class:

And a historical scan class(from previous screen shot):

When I set the entries to populate a power table with the sample size set to natural, I expect that it would have one entry for every time my operator triggers the “EndCurrentRun” tag that’s configured to drive my scan class one-shot.

If I set things up with a natural sample size before updating to 7.7.2 I get tens of thousands of records. Upon closer inspection it looks like it’s actually recording according to the regular scan class instead of the historical scan class.

I read that there were a few issues related to scan class, but not necessarily related to my issue, so I then updated to 7.7.2. I tried natural scan class after that, and still get a ton of entries.

When set to “On change” sample size, I get a cascading effect on my table(probably to be expected):

The next thing I’ve done is set up an entirely new set of tags specifically for recording using one-shot scan class for both the regular and historical. I’m not sure this is the best way to go about things, but it’s the only thing I can think of to move forward. This actually works quite well except for one thing. I can’t reliably select a start and end date for my table with the date range component. I will not see the entry I’m looking for unless the start portion of the bar is set to a time after the event. This won’t allow my operators to reliably see the entries.

Am I making this far too difficult? Is there an easier way to get this to work? I’m hoping to use the same basic method for grabbing historical data for a number of things around the mill.


Can anyone recommend where I can get some help with this? Thanks very much.

From my understanding, you are looking to store data points when the operator completes a run. Your best approach is to use a Standard Transaction Group to store these values to the database when the operator completes the run. You would set up the transaction group to execute based on a trigger, that trigger being the signal that the operator uses to complete the run. From there you would set up a query on the Power Table to display this data from the database.

Excellent. Thanks for the advice, Pat. I will pursue it and update with my progress.

Much appreciated.