Trouble getting my dataset into chart data

I managed to get the counts of my data into memory tags. Now I am trying to get those memory tags into a dataset to use in a chart and basically make a pareto out of the dataset.

I currently have this on the property change event for the chart.
Currently running Ignition version 7.6.7, so I have no dataset tags

bloCnt =“TouchupCounts/blowthroughCountVal”).value
lenCnt =“TouchupCounts/lengthCountVal”).value
ntuCnt =“TouchupCounts/notouchupCountVal”).value
offCnt =“TouchupCounts/offlocationCountVal”).value
othCnt =“TouchupCounts/otherCountVal”).value
porCnt =“TouchupCounts/porosityCountVal”).value

headers = [“Blow Through”, “Length”, “No Touch Up”, “Off Location”, “Other”, “Porosity”]

data = []


countDs = system.dataset.toDataSet(headers,data)

/* commented out currently
pds = system.dataset.toPyDataSet(countDs)

for row in pds:
_ for value in row:_
_ print value_
_ _
event.source.pythonDataset = system.dataset.toDataSet(pds)

for row in range(countDs.rowCount):
for col in range(countDs.columnCount):
print data.getValueAt(row, col)

event.source.pythonDataset = system.dataset.toDataSet(countDs)

I would like to have it clear the dataset values each time the tag values change as well. I’m kind of confused on how to call this into the dataset on the chart though.

You have been a great help so far I’m just really new to ignition myself.

Instead of reading the tags in your script consider using tag bindings on root container custom properties. Then use a propertyChange event that runs the rest of your script when any of them change. You would assign the resulting dataset to the chart’s dataset property.

These two quotes don’t go together. Starting with an ancient and unsupported version of Ignition is a really bad plan.

Sometimes, however, we have to play the had we’re dealt.

Yeah, well, sometimes it helps to pass on to the powers that be that they are making it unnecessarily difficult to achieve the results they are asking for.

Usually it’s “All good projects require time, money and resources. You may pick any 2” :grin:.

(Sorry to derail your thread, @Bluemonkey136.)