Trouble Getting Template Repeater Working

I have been watching the webinar on how to use templates, and in particular the template repeater. I have created the tags for four bulk liquid tanks, and I have created a template for them. The custom property of the template is DeviceName, and I have added the memory tag to each of the devices.

If I drop four instances of the template on a window and manually set the DeviceName of each template, everything works as I expect.

When I add the template repeater, I can’t seem to make it work. The repeater itself seems to display the correct number of templates, so layout is working, but I have red x’s on the tags. My guess is that I somehow need to get the template repeater to pass in the DeviceName, but I can’t see to figure out what I’m missing. See the attached screenshot, which is of a window showing the template in use and operating correctly on the left, but a broken template repeater on the right.

If anyone can help, I would be most grateful. Thanks.

The template repeater dataset should have a column named for your parameter field.
So the last column of the dataset in your case should be named DeviceName
In that column you put the value for each tank.

Thanks! That makes a lot of sense. I knew that the information wasn’t being passed in.

Still, the dots aren’t quite connecting. When you speak of the “template repeater dataset”, how do I get to it? The closest I’ve come is the Template Parameters, and I don’t think that’s it - though I can create a column and add my values. In my template under custom properties, I do see my DeviceName property, but I don’t see how to add an ad hoc dataset to it.

The .templates IS the dataset for the repeater.

There are a few ways to use the repeater,
1 is you make your parameter field a number and then use the template repeat count field to fill that in.

2 is to fill a dataset manually or using a query and fill in all of the required dataset fields.
Drag a blank repeater to a window.
Set the repeater to Repeat Behavior = Dataset
Right click it and customize template repeater.
Fill in the fields choosing your template in the drop down and click Add.
Close the customizer and then look at the dataset that is created under .templates
Add as many rows as you wish changing the last column which is the name of your parameter.

A little bit of experience goes a long way. I changed the Repeat Behavior from count to dataset, and boo, it worked instantly.

Thanks for the hand up.