Trouble reinstalling Ignition?

This morning I tried logging into my local Ignition Designer to work on a 8.0.14 project. I kept getting a SQL Exception, it wouldn’t accept my username and password. After restoring a copy of the database from a few days ago I know works, and that I was able to ping and run queries on from workbench, I still had the same issue.

I just tried uninstalling Ignition and reinstalling it with the intent of restoring my gateway backup. However, I had an issue with the reinstall - (275.4 KB)

Not sure what to do from here. Any thoughts?

per the wrapper log it looks like the gateway was unable to bind to the http and gateway network ports (8088 and 8060 respectively). Is there anything else running on those ports? I would first look to see if there is anything running on those ports, could be an old instance of Ignition maybe depending on how/if it was shutdown? maybe check to see if there are duplicate services installed for Ignition?