Trouble seeing Opto22 EPIC I/O tags in quick client

So I’ve not done this before but my intent is to communicate with an Opto22 EPIC on an existing system in order to see the I/O and build basic screens for a presentation\demo. I’ve install Ignition 8 and downloaded the Cirrus Link Opto22 module (however it does show as " Faulted Required Major Version Mismatch" in the state column.

My setup is accessing the EPIC remotely from my desk on the same subnet and it shows that I am connected to it but quick client shows no I/O (there should be 30 in this system). What am I missing with this setup?

Cirrus Link needs to update their module for v8. Consider using v7.9.10 if you can’t wait on Cirrus Link.

My colleague did get connected on 7.9 but he also couldn’t see the I/O in quick client. Using 7.9 was a fall back to see if it would work. I’m just wondering if there is something I’m missing\screwing up in this operation.

I haven’t used the Opto22 module, so I don’t know if it supports browse operations. Quick client is only useful for browsable targets.

For Ignition 8, make sure you’re using a 4.0.0 version of the Opto 22 groov EPIC and SNAP PAC Driver Module. The module is currently in the release candidate state so please look on Inductive’s “early release” download page. You’ll find Cirrus Link’s strategic list of modules below the Ignition modules.

In your PAC Control strategy, make sure you’re using software version 10 or later. The module retrieves a list of public tags from controller. So in your strategy, please add some public tags (double click on variable, table, and I/O objects), you’ll see the public attributes. This strategy should be downloaded and must be ran on the EPIC.

If all is well, the OPC quick client should allow you to browse.

If you need more assistance, please contact Opto 22’s Product Support at 800.835.6786/+1.951.695.3000 or email (and in your email, include a hyperlink to this forum discussion).

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